Who We Are

Who We Are


ICWIN's Mission  

The Iranian Circle of Women’s Intercultural Network “ICWIN” abides by WIN’s mission and policies and will follow an expanded mission and set of goals in its programming.  The Circle aims to coordinate programs and community-building activities which inspires advocacy, educate and unite against all of forms of violence, and collaborate to express a collective voice.

ICWIN believes that while women share universal issues and struggles, they also have unique issues and struggles within their own socio-political communities and individual lives. Hence, ICWIN's mission is to discuss and present topics related to gender equality in a global framework.                                                                  

ICWIN's ABC (Vision)                  

 Advocacy for Gender Equality: Advocate and partner at city, county and state level for adoption of “CEDAW”. Our vision is an inclusive, equal and just society that promotes and protects human rights, gender equality and the integrity of the environment.                                                                                                      

Be Bold for Change: Educate and Unite against all forms of “Violence”.  Our vision is a future without violence that nurtures a culture of peace, safety, justice, awareness and empowerment.                                          

Collaboration: Create a dynamic platform to express a “Collective Voice” and "Unite for Diversity". Our vision is a large network of concerned citizens of Iranian decent working in union with like-minded people from various cultures globally. Collectively our presence is known, our voices are heard, and we gain the power to drive real change for our kids, families and communities.      

 ICWIN’s Philosophy

The Circle will focus on raising consciousness on issues related to Iranian women both inside Iran and in the Diasporas. In addition, the Circle aims to serve as a bridge not only connecting the Iranian women’s communities but in line with idea of intersectionality also to connect them with other women of race, color, ethnicity, social and economic standing at global level.

ICWIN's Core Values                                                                                                                                                            

Accountability: As a volunteer based NGO, the committee members are accountable to the members of the community and one another, and focus on Relationship building, Clarity in decision making, and Respect at all levels of the partnership.                             

Be an agent of change: By reflecting on our identity as social change agents, we strive to find ways to connect with those involved in community service, activism, organizing, and advocacy and aim to enhance one another’s work.

Consensus Building: As a virtuous circle, the committee members’ approach to decision making is based on Consensus Building process; fostering dialogue, clarifying areas of agreement and disagreement, improving the information on which a decision may be based, and resolving controversial issues in ways that all interests find acceptable.  

Integrity: Integrity is fundamental pillar of our vision, advocacy and actions.                                                        

Transparency: We are transparent in sharing objectives, sources of funding and positions on issues.  

About WIN

Women Intercultural Network “WIN” was established in 1995 and is a 501© (3) NGO consultative to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Aileen Hernandez, second president of National Organization of Women and the only woman to serve on the  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after it was established in 1964 and Marilyn Fowler, WIN CEO and President, a lifetime gender equality advocate and change maker who among many other endeavors,  organized  the  first Community Advisory Committee for Planned Parenthood of KC (PPKC) and the first Public Affairs Committee for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, representing PPFA at the First UN Conference on Women, Mexico City, 1975,  are pioneer women who established the network following the UN Fourth World Conference in Beijing, China, September 1995.

WIN’s mission is to assure that the voices of all women and girls are heard in public forums for full participation in their government and economies, and expand the circle of women and girls leadership for collective action.

WIN calls for circles of women from all communities to collaborate and cooperate with our mission, as well as bringing their communities’ unique needs and advocacy to the table.  WIN has circles with women in Japan, Uganda and Afghanistan, as well as with Indigenous and farm worker women in the central valley and North coast of California. 

The number one initiative that WIN is currently Co-Chairing nationally is Cities For CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women) with the goal of 100 US Cities including legal CEDAW ordinances on their agenda. The US is among six countries that has signed this International Convention but has not ratified it. As such we are ‘bringing the global issue local’.

WIN active involvement with the United Nation Commission on the Status of Women:  UN CSW

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